What is EasyPeasy?


Interested in starting a vegetable garden, but not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in turn-key, raised bed gardens, backyard orchards and berry patches.

At EasyPeasy Garden Solutions, our mission is to empower you to grow food. We believe that the act of gardening creates more vibrant and healthy households. We believe that gardening can improve our mental and physical well-being. Many people are striving to eat more locally produced food. There is absolutely nowhere more local than your own yard! 

Our raised beds are built from cedar boards, filled with a rich blend of compost, top-soil and soil organisms, then planted full of your favorite veggies, herbs and flowers. Our goal is to take all the fuss out of backyard food production.


The raised-bed gardening method makes gardening easy and enjoyable. Our commitment is to create stunning garden boxes and edible landscape elements, using only the best raw materials, in order to help you grow a beautiful and abundant garden for years to come.

If you become a member of the EasyPeasy Garden Club, we will meet with you to set up a custom planting-plan based on what you and your family are hoping to harvest. We want to help you enjoy as much produce as possible from your EasyPeasy garden.

Our standard EasyPeasy Garden Box is a 4 by 8 feet by 1 foot deep raised bed, and costs $500.00. That includes the raised bed installation, soil-blend and the first round of plantings. If a larger garden, multiple boxes, or optional extras (like a tomato trellis or animal-proof cage) are desired, lets us know and we can customize the garden your specific desires.

This year, EasyPeasy has established the EasyPeasy Garden Club. The Garden Club is designed to make getting a garden started as simple and convenient as possible. In a nutshell, after you become a member, we do the planning and heavy lifting, leaving you to simply water, harvest, and enjoy the garden!

After becoming a member, you will receive various benefits, including visits from our Gardening Angels every 6 weeks throughout the growing season (Late March-November) and various other benefits.

During their visits, the Gardening Angels attend to your garden by remove weeds, harvesting produce (if you haven’t already) fertilizing, and most importantly, replanting/reseeding according to your custom planting plan. We strive to achieve maximum production from your garden, from early spring through late fall. Click the “
Garden Club” page to learn about all the benefits of joining.

Membership in the EasyPeasy Garden Club costs $500.00 for a 12 month membership, with monthly billing options available. If you sign up mid-way into the growing season, do not fret! There is no wrong time to begin gardening! Some crops take as little as 40 days! We will honor your membership for a full 12 months from the date you sign up, no matter when that is.

Additionally, we offer the following sustainable landscaping services:
-Landscape design and installations
-Landscape rejuvenation and restoration
-Tree/shrub trimming, removal, and planting
-Mulching, edging, weeding, leaf and brush removal
-Pergolas, trellises, boardwalks, decks, bridges
-Hardscaping: edging, pathways, walls, patios, steps
-Annual and perennial flowers/ornamental plants
-Berry bushes, fruit trees, mushroom cultivation
-Water features, ponds, aquaculture, and aquaponics
-Rainwater catchment and irrigation systems

Tell us about your gardening dreams,
and we can help turn them into reality!

"All the world's problems can be solved in the garden."

-Geoff Lawton