EasyPeasy Garden Club


This year, we introduce the EasyPeasy Garden Club Membership. While vegetable gardening is our bread and butter, we have tailored these membership benefits to serve all clients, not just those with vegetable gardens. By joining, you will receive the following benefits:

The EasyPeasy Garden Club is designed to foster lasting relationships with our clients. If you are interested in vegetable gardening, but aren’t sure where to begin, we can help! We strive to be the best gardening business in Indiana, and to provide the highest quality service possible to our clients.

The EasyPeasy Garden Club Membership costs either $500.00 per year or $50.00 per month. Contact us to learn more about how to sign up.




Gardening Angels

Once every six weeks during the growing season one of our "Gardening Angels" will weed and fertilize your vegetable garden, as well as follow the customized planting plan we create for your garden. We keep planting throughout the season in order to keep your garden productive, beautiful and bountiful all season long. These visits and the vegetable plants (for one standard garden box) are included in the cost of the membership. No extra charge! Our “Gardening Angels” are your personal gardener and personal plant shopper. You just tell us what you want to grow, and we’ll do all the planning and leg work!


“Members Only” Labor Rate

Garden Club Members also benefit from a major discount on labor for landscaping projects and maintenance services not included in the vegetable garden maintenance discussed above. Members pay $25/hour, while non members pay $40/hour for all labor. Services offered are hardscaping (retaining walls, patios and terraces), general landscaping, tree-care, lawn-care, and more. This benefit alone can make the membership worthwhile! If you intend to make significant changes of any kind to your landscape, this membership WILL save you money. Click the link below to see examples of our work!


Priority Scheduling, Special Offers, Design and Consulting Services

The Members of the EasyPeasy Garden Club will always be our first priority. If you remain loyal to us, we will remain loyal to you. When it comes to scheduling landscaping projects and maintenance visits, Members come first. Members will receive exclusive deals and early offerings not available to nonmembers. Also, if you have questions or concerns about your garden, we will stop by, lend an ear and give advice for free. Finally, every annual membership includes one complimentary landscape design per year. If you’re interested in learning more, click the link below and let us know you want to discuss becoming a member of the EasyPeasy Garden Club!